Oasis – Tom Boniface-Webb

Title: Oasis

Subtitle: N/A

Author: Tom Boniface-Webb

Paperback ISBN: 978-1899750-52-8

EPUB ISBN: 978-1899750-54-2

Paperback Publication Date: March 2022 

Amazon Kindle Digital edition:  March 2022

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No. Pages: 207

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Size: 20.3 cm x 12.8 cm (8″ x 5″) 

Binding: Paperback

Classification: Music

In 1994 a group of five lads from Manchester took on the world with their unmistakable brand of rock ‘n’ roll. Fifteen years later in 2009 it was all over, leaving an imprint on British music that will be felt for generations. The story of Oasis is the story of northern solidarity, of indie-rock ‘n’ roll, and most importantly, of two brothers.

Drawing on interviews with those close to the band, ‘Modern Music Masters – Oasis’ aims to throw new light on one of British music’s signature groups. With a close focus on the group’s chart placings – including their eight number 1 albums and eight number 1 singles – this book is ideal for those looking for a new angle into a familiar story.

Now published in partnership with the Official Charts Company, ‘Modern Music Masters’ is a series of books about the artists you know and love, or are discovering for the first time. With a strong focus on the UK charts, placing the artists in a social and political environment, the Modern Music Masters Series offers an accessible route into the music and the history.

Tom Boniface-Webb is the co-author of ‘I Was Britpopped: The Definitive A-Z of Britpop’.

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