Aureus Publishing was established in 1993 publishing sheet music. Though our journey has taken us to book publishing, fine art and other projects we still publish and sell sheet music. Please contact us if you are interested in any of these works, we would be happy to send you copies either via email or post.

See the list below:

Music For Male Voices

CodeTitleForcesComposerDurationPrinted PriceFree Digital DownloadBuy Kindle
AP006Be Still.TTBBTTTBMeuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00Be Still TTBB. FREE DOWNLOADBe Still Kindle Format
Calon Lân.TTBB.pftTTBB.pft/orgarr. Meuryn Hughes4 mins£1.50Calon Lan. TTBB.pft. FREE DOWNLOADCalon Lan Kindle Format
AP067Lisa Lan.Sop Solo.TTBBTTBB Soprano Solo org.arr. Meuryn Hughes5 mins£1.50Lisa Lan S.TTBB.pdfLisa Lan Kindle Format
AP096Men of Harlech.TTBB.pftTTBB.pftarr. Meuryn Hughes4 mins£1.50
Men of Harlech.TTBB.pftMen of Harlech Kindle Format
AP072Nessun Dorma.TTBB.pftTTBB.pftPuccini arr. Meuryn Hughes5mins£1.50
Not availableNot available
AP091Nghariad ITTBBMeuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00
AP073Over the RainbowTTBB.pftArlen arr. Meuryn Hughes5mins£1.50
AP081PantyfedwenTTBB.pftarr. Meuryn Hughes3mins£1.00Buy Kindle Edition
AP054So In LoveTTBB. pftMeuryn Hughes5 mins£1.00
AP089Suo GanS.TTBBarr. Meuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00
AP074Weep O Mine EyesTTBBBennett arr. Meuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00Weep O Mine Eyes.TTBBWeep O Mine Eyes Kindle Format

Music For Mixed Voices

CodeTitleForcesComposerDurationPrinted PriceFree Digital DownloadBuy Kindle
65All Through The NightBar. SATB pft/orgarr. Meuryn Hughes6 mins£1.50Buy Kindle Edition
66The BeatitudesSATB orgMeuryn Hughes9 mins£1.50
44Be StillSATBMeuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00Buy Kindle Edition
45BlessedSATB.pft/orgMeuryn Hughes6 mins£1.50
46Calon LanSATB.pft/orgarr. Meuryn Hughes4 mins£1.50
93Carol GogoniantSATBMeuryn Hughes5 mins£1.00Buy Kindle Edition 
88PantyfedwenSATB.pftarr. Meuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00
62Peace Be Unto YouSATBMeuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00View
90Psalm 121SATB.orgMeuryn Hughes8mins£2.00View
55The Souls of The Righteous (Iustorum Animae)SATB.orgGeraint Lewis5 mins£3.00

Music For Female Voices

CodeTitleForcesComposerDurationPrinted PriceFree Digital DownloadBuy Kindle
AP52Behold Thy SonSSAMeuryn Hughes4 mins£1.00View
AP70CadwynSSA pft.Meuryn Hughes7 mins£1.50View
AP61GlorySSAMeuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00View
AP64Hear My PrayerSSAMeuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00View
AP50Peace Be Unto YouSSAMeuryn Hughes3 mins£1.00View